Smarter Schools

Australian governments want our children to have the best education possible. That’s why the Australian Government and state and territory governments have entered into three Smarter Schools National Partnerships aimed at addressing disadvantage, supporting teachers and school leaders and improving literacy and numeracy.

Over a quarter of all Australian schools (2,500) are participating in the National Partnerships for Low Socio-economic Status School Communities and Literacy and Numeracy, whilst all teachers and school leaders are targeted under the National Partnership for Improving Teacher Quality.

On this website you will be able to find out more about what the three partnerships are, how each state and territory are implementing them, and which schools are participating. To find out more about Stage one Evaluation please see the Stage one SSNP National Evaluation Report.

The Government has also invested in literacy and numeracy pilot initiatives. Over 400 schools are actively involved in finding out what works to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for students most in need of support. The published final evaluation report is now available.

The Australian Government, in partnership with state and territory governments, is developing a data bank of literacy and numeracy evidence-based teaching strategies to improve outcomes for all Australian students. Submissions for the Teach, Learn, Share database from schools or other organisations with experience in achieving accelerated and sustained improvements in literacy and/or numeracy opened on 10 October 2012. Applications for this round will close early in 2013. The Teach, Learn, Share database aspires to be the 'go-to' site for information about effective literacy and numeracy strategies for individual teachers, schools, systems and the wider education community. To find out more, please visit